Jacob Bonsett-Veal


Jacob Bonsett-Veal remembers playing hockey on the pond growing up.

Decades later Bonsett-Veal still has a passion for the game as he was recently hired as the Stoughton Icebergs new head coach.

“I have loved hockey ever since I was young,” Bonsett-Veal said. “I started out playing pond hockey. Some parent out on the ice came up to my dad and said that he should get me into a youth program.”

Bonsett-Veal played youth hockey in McFarland and then went on to play in high school at Oregon.

Bonsett-Veal has been coaching hockey for five years, with the previous two seasons being an assistant on Stoughton’s co-op girls hockey team. The first three years of Bonsett-Veal’s coaching career was spent in Oregon at the youth level.

“I love everything about it,” Bonsett-Veal said of his hiring. “I’m excited that I get to continue to implement the way we’ve done things the last two years, which is more focused on teamwork and accountability. Being able to hold not only the coaches to that standard but the players to that standard. It’s allowing us to help them grow as individuals.”

Bonsett-Veal said he wants his players to make others around them better, while also developing their own skills. He takes over an Iceberg team that finished 5-17-2 overall in the 2019-2020 season playing in the Badger Conference.

“I’m excited to get to work,” Bonsett-Veal said.

“I know they're ready. I’m ready and I’m sure it will be a very fun, exciting year.”

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