We are very lucky to have excellent candidates for the SASD School Board once again, with three returning members willing to continue their service.

Frank Sullivan has shown a remarkable ability to facilitate civil dialogue in even the most challenging of times. I appreciate his humor and sensible approach to finding solutions together as a community. Frank consistently goes above and beyond to be available to others for conversation, with an eagerness to hear from all stakeholders.

Allison Sorg dedicates her time in many areas of our community, including Scouting as well as the School Board. I am grateful for her conscientious leadership and continued service to the broad Stoughton community.

Mia Croyle has demonstrated a deep commitment to asking import questions and seeking multiple perspectives on issues important to our kids and community. She definitely does her due diligence, and we all benefit.

I hope you join me in voting for Sullivan, Sorg, and Croyle for SASD school board on April 6.

Kellie Haugen


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