Ron Johnson, the “Big Lie” leaves us cold!

As a lifelong Stoughton Viking, I am sympathetic to the brutal cold you are experiencing. However, the recently concluded “2nd Impeachment hearings” leaves most of us with unparalleled dismay that transcends relative temperature variances.

Ron Johnson lacked conviction and courage in voting with the 42 other U.S. Senators in denying the public he is to represent, their voice. His blind allegiance to a deeply flawed former President while promoting the “Big Lie” about stolen elections and other unproven conspiracy theories darkens his name and the good name of Wisconsin.

He and the defense attorneys built a case upon three false arguments. One, they claimed disregard for “due process”despite evidence that the “defendant” was invited to present his case before the U.S. Senate and the public.

Two, the denial of a proper interpretation of “freedom of speech’” provisions in the Constitution, which was summarily successfully challenged by over 140 well-respected legal scholars representing the diversity of the political spectrum in our country. Third, that the House managers’ case rests solely on a deep “hatred” for the “defendant.”

Perhaps of the three failed arguments the latter is most egregious. Rather than a case driven by “hate,” it was inspired and borne out of “love” — of country, constitution, rule of all and justice for all.

While the outcome reflected the most bipartisan vote of any preceding impeachment hearing, it failed to ensure our country would not in some future time face a similar challenge to our Constitution, rule of law and concern for equal justice that the former President routinely and proudly disregarded during his “reign of terror.”

Let us respond to the message of Valentine’s Day — more love shared and shown for one another and our country, our Constitution, rule of law and the importance of equal justice for all so essential in sustaining a viable Democracy. A sad, yet proud moment to be among the Vikings and Badgers always.

Olaf Brekke

Sun Lakes, Arizona

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