Now that the rainfall is closer to normal than the last couple of years when the rainfall was excessive, take notice of the water flow through the three gates of the Stoughton dam and the three gates of the Kegonsa locks and the water level of the river by the locks and along Hwy B.

The water flow through the gates is very little and it has been this way for many weeks. This flow is closer to normal for the past 70 years. The island on the East side of the Kegonsa locks has once again appeared, which is normal. If there was no Stoughton dam, there would be very little water.

Up to 1888, the river was called Catfish Creek and Lake Kegonsa was called the First Lake, Waubesa the Second lake etc. If the dam is removed, it will again become a creek.

Luke Stoughton built a log and earthen dam in 1847 for water power and to provide recreational activities on the river. The dam still controls the water level for recreational activities on the river for all ages.

A boat can still go from Stoughton, up the river into Lake Kegonsa using the same route that the mail boat once used. Now is the time the water flow and all of the other studies should be completed. Not when there is excessive rainfall and water flow.

Take notice in Rockdale and Whitewater after the dams were removed. They both have useless creeks. There are many dams in place to provide water control and recreational activities for all ages. Some of the communities are Fall River, Hatfield, Indianford, Janesville, Yellow Stone State Park, Albany, Belleville, Merillan.

Do not remove the dam and ruin the recreational opportunities that it provides for all ages. If the dam is removed, I hope those of you in favor of it will stand up and be recognized when the river becomes useless to all ages.

It is documented that before Luke built the dam, you could walk across the river on the stones and the buggies and wagons crossed in the area of Washington Street because there were no bridges.

Do not remove the dam and ruin the river.

Dave Kalland


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