Our lawmakers, state and federal lately, remind me of a story. A man was writing a letter something like this.

Dear Neighbor, I am writing you to tell you that even though you returned my mower you borrowed from me, yet it was trashed and doesn’t work anymore. The ladder you borrowed last year is still with you.

You have let the weeds grow wild and thick where most folks trim them back at least near your house. It is with great feelings that I forgive you for it all!

Signed: Your neighbor.

PS: Your house is on fire!

PPS: If you were a bird watcher you would not need binoculars to notice that birds don’t fly.

well without their left wing or their right wing. With just one wing they need a veterinarian or wildlife rescue if the other wing is still there. When both wings work they can fly like a bird should. Just saying.

Also: O.P.M. (other people’s money) can be highly addictive if taken regularly.

John Asleson


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