Life in the “adult world” can happen pretty quickly for some teenagers. To help young people better understand issues and problems they may face in the near future - or be facing now - the Stoughton Wellness Coalition held its annual “Reality Maze” for around 200 Stoughton High School freshmen on April 27 at the school.

The 30-minute “mazes” took students through a variety of scenarios related to serious real-life issues teens could face, such as drug or alcohol abuse, or sexual assault, and where they could turn for help.

Stoughton Wellness Coalition Project Coordinator Teressa Pellett thanked Stoughton High School for hosting and helping with coordination, as well as Stoughton Health, Stoughton Police, Stoughton EMS and Municipal Judge Matt Rothe for all their time and participation in the annual event.

“We had 22 volunteers from the community help out in the different stations the students go to,” she wrote the Hub in an email.

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