With the annual Syttende Mai celebration coming up this month, what better time to check out the Stoughton Area Historical Society museum’s newest addition for 2023 - “Holiday Celebrations in Stoughton?”

The society has taken out of storage some of its collections that haven’t been displayed in some time, as well as some additional personal collections from members. Some of the first floor displays include: Christmas 1923, aluminum tree, feather tree, bicentennial tree, stockings and wooden shoes, handmade gift-givers from around the world, 1850s Christmas, Hanukkah (Chanuleh), Mexican fiestas, July 4 and Memorial Day, Julebukkins, Norwegian god Jul, Oden and Nisse, Eid Al Fitr Ramadan, cannon fire on holidays, Ho-Chunk celebrations and Lunar New Year. Lower level displays include Norwegian/American Christmas, World War II Christmas, and current holiday trends.

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