This screen is for generating a CSV file that can be used for importing your BLOX site's Ad Units into Google Ad Manager Small Business.
Please Note: If you are using Google Ad Manager Premium you will not need this screen. Use the suggested Ad Units screen within Google Ad Manager instead.

To use this with Google Ad Manager Small Business you will need to import the table shown below into either a Microsoft Excel, or Open Office Calc, spreadsheet.
Once you've done that you export the resulting table as a CSV File that you can then import that file into Google Ad Manager Small Business.

Please note: If you want to just export a section of your site (maybe because you just created a whole new section with subsections) You can use the ?root= query string to tell this screen where within your URL map to start. Otherwise this screen will start at "/".

Starting path:

If the table below shows what you want to export click here, and copy/paste into your spreadsheet application of choice.

#Code Name Sizes Description Placements Target Window Teams Labels Special Ad Units _top _top _top _top _top _top _top _top _top _top _top _top _top _top _top _top _top _top _top _top _top _top _top _top _top _top